Install VMware Tools in openfiler

I have a couple of lab type vSphere setups that use Openfiler virtual machines for shared storage. For several months these have been running with out of date VMware tools. Several weeks ago I was able to upgrade these tools and wanted to share the required steps.

The first required task was to install a C Compiler — specifically gcc. While at it I updated all other components and shutdown the virtual machine:

conary updateall
conary update gcc
shutdown -h now

After the machine was powered down I added a virtual CD-ROM drive. This drive will be used to mount the VM tools ISO. After adding a CD-ROM drive the virtual machine can be powered back on. Select install/upgrade tools from the menu.

mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
cp VMwareTools* /mnt
tar zxvf /tmp/VMwareTools*
cd vmware-tools-distrib

I accepted the defaults on the configuration script.